Twitter Spotlight: @ahelvie

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Listed Name: Andrew

Bio: “Aspiring humorist. Christopher Walken impersonator. Amateur police sketch artist.”

Tweeting Since: Jul 13, 2010

Rundown: Andrew is from where the taco truck is parked. Andrew is hilarious. Andrew is grossly under followed. In our time following funny individuals on Twitter as a source of constant entertainment, we have found few as clever as him. It’s astonishing that he has fewer than 600 followers (at the time of this article) but we’re sure it won’t last long. As soon as people see his jokes for the first time, they will follow him immediately. Coincidentally, that’s what we’re recommending you do.

Example Tweets:

“It’s probably offensive to Native Americans if you call your journey to get a McRib a ‘vision quest.’”