Twitter Spotlight: @JordyHamrick

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Listed Name: Jordan

Bio: “I’m a 3rd generation backwards-hat aficionado. I’ve been known to give a dog a boner from time to time, and I appreciate the smooth sounds of Fred Durst.”

Tweeting Since: Jun 26, 2009

Rundown: Hailing from Kent, Ohio, Jordan is one of the people who will keep you coming back to Twitter. Biting wit combined with cunning insight make him a favorite of ours, and surely will make him one of yours as well. His jokes are often layered, requiring some thought to fully appreciate them. If thinking’s not your thing, don’t follow him. Otherwise, definitely do.

Example Tweets:

“Most men born in the 1800’s would roll over in their grave if they saw how much we allow women to talk nowadays.”

“Hey ladies, want to know what’s so great about a handjob?

I can do it myself. So stop those.”