Twitter Spotlight: @leesmf

Follow Her: @leesmf

Listed Name: lmf

Bio: “formerly @omgitsleesa.”

Tweeting Since: May 7, 2011

Rundown: Gorgeous – check. Hilarious – check. Insightful – check. LMF reps the NYC where she spends her time, presumably, getting shit done. She used to be @omgitsleesa where she amassed a large base of followers with her witty, often quirky, and almost always true tweets. Now, beating Jesus to the punch, she has risen once again as @leesmf. You should follow her if you like any of these things: women, humor, good advice, bunny rabbits, or charity. Basically, she’s an absolute must follow.

Example Tweets:

“I get upset when people say ‘no biggie’, cause I really wish he was still here. : (”

“When you stop the alcohol, life becomes a big game of proving you’re still fun-ish.”

“so, it looks like all I have to do is lose about 110 pounds to reach my goal of invisibility.”