Twitter Spotlight: @YUCKYBOT

Follow Him: @YUCKYBOT

Listed Name: The False Prophet

Bio: “McGriddle Enthusiast, Once Was Forced To Sit Through ‘CATS’ With Poopy Underwear. RESPECT THIS PINK TOWEL! *BEEP BOOP*”

Tweeting Since: Aug 29, 2008

Rundown: His listed name is “The False Prophet,” but his Twitter prophecies are very legitimate. You probably already follow YUCKYBOT, but we would be contradicting ourselves if we didn’t include him in our spotlight section. He’s everything we praise; funny, insightful, clever, and most of all, human. In addition to providing gut wrenching laughs and thought provoking quips tweet after tweet, he’s one of the most proactive tweeters when it comes to using his popularity to help unknown talents get footing. If Twitter was a sport, we would call him a “5-tool player” because he truly does it all, and better than most. He is a must follow.

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