The Dirty Heads @ House Of Blues, Cleveland, OH [03.21.11]

The Dirty Heads brought their reggae rock to Cleveland’s House Of Blues last month and a few of us from the HotLikeSauce crew made it out to catch the show.

They opened their set the same as their album by playing “Neighborhood” which instantly had the entire place grooving. They kept the energy high by powering through hits like “Taint,” “Stand Tall,” and “Check The Level.”

Next they pulled out a perfect reggae cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” which was met with a deafening cheer of approval from the crowd.

The Dirty Heads would then debut two new songs they have been working on titled “We Will Rise” and “On My Own,” both of which will appear on their next album.

After the small taste of new material they returned to playing the hits off of Any Port In A Storm such as “Hip Hop Misfits,” “Antelope,” and “Insomnia.”

The group rarely strayed from exactly how the material is played on the album until they got to “I Got No Time For Ya’ll” in which they left out the third verse. After they called fans up on stage to let them attempt to finish out the song. After one girl lost her way about half way through, the next guy absolutely killed it as he nailed every word including the back and forth exchange near the end of the verse.

Following a short encore break, the group returned to close out the night with “Shine,” “Believe,” and perhaps their most popular track “Lay Me Down.”

Though I would have liked to see a jammier show like that put on by Slightly Stoopid or SOJA, The Dirty Heads played tight and put on a great energetic live show.