Twitter Spotlight: @TurboGrandma

Follow Her: @TurboGrandma

Listed Name: Nikki

Bio: “Director of Precious II: More Preciouser, based on the novel, Push Harder, by Sapphire”

Tweeting Since: Sep 11, 2008

Rundown: Meet Nikki, aka TurboGrandma. If her background alone isn’t enough to make you follow her, we’re ashamed of you. Regardless, some additional incentive is that she’s one of the funniest ladies on Twitter. If you want to follow a catalog of the funniest tweeters, it won’t be complete without her.

Example Tweets:

“I’m the Kirstie Alley of not trying very hard at the gym and then ordering Chinese food.”

“Khloe Kardashian’s spirit animal is Brooke Hogan.”