Free: Phish – Live Bait Vol. 03

Phish has released the third installment of their Live Bait series containing a number of tracks from Worcester, MA.

Unlike the previous two releases, Vol. 3 features cuts from older live shows rather than their most recent tour. Four of the tracks are from the ’91 and ’93 New Year’s Eve shows with the fifth being an epic, hour long, “Runaway Jim.”

Head over to to download yourself a copy for free.

Live Bait Vol. 02 Track List
  1. Countdown/Auld Lang Syne >(12/31/93 – Worcester, MA)
  2. Down With Disease Jam >(12/31/93 – Worcester, MA)
  3. Split Open And Melt(12/31/93 – Worcester, MA)
  4. Runaway Jim(11/29/97 – Worcester, MA)
  5. Llama(12/31/91 – Worcester, MA)