Lotus @ Mr. Smalls, Millvale, PA [10.16.10]

Mad Mike and I made the journey to Pittsburgh last weekend to catch Lotus on the third stop of their fall tour at Mr. Smalls.

We arrived just as Mux Mool was finishing up his opening set with enough time for a few drinks before Lotus took the stage. As they broke into “Intro To A Cell” we made are way through the crowd which had a festival atmosphere complete with glow sticks even though the show was in an old church. Next came the live staple “Blacklight Sunflare” which I have loved since hearing it at All Good this summer.

Lotus really opened things up with a lengthy “Comptroller” jam that gave way to “Umbilical Moonset.” They kept the energy high with a beautiful “Disappear In A Blood-Red Sky” as the crowd sang along with the angelic “Ooooo” samples throughout.

As they broke into the building intro to “Juggernaut” the crowd went crazy launching glow sticks to the ceiling and bouncing in unison. After an impressive jam and amazing visualizer screens providing designs backstage Lotus took a set break.

Thanks to the set break, as people streamed outside and to the bathrooms Mike and I easily made our way up to the stage for the second set.

People steadily streamed back in as Lotus returned and began playing the sample heavy “Golden Ghost.” Just as it seemed like everyone had made it back inside Lotus pulled out “Spiritualize” which seemed to put things back into full swing.

“Plant Your Root,” kept things jamming which was then followed by an impressive new jam “Mega Man 2 Dr. Whiley’s Theme.” Taken from the old Nintendo game Mega Man 2, the boss’s theme fit in perfectly with the set and Lotus’ overall style.

Next up would be the trifecta of “Suitcases > Dowrn” paired with my all time favorite “Wax,” which had the entire place grooving to its quirky beat. I’m pretty sure even the grumpy 50 year old lady checking tickets was bobbing her head. Unfortunately the longest and possibly most impressive “Wax” I’ve seen rounded out the second set.

As they came back for an encore, the crowd’s screams for “Jump Off” were ignored as they pulled out the soaring “Marisol” and classic “Hammerstrike” to complete the 6th amazing show I’ve witnessed from them. Again I can’t wait until next time.


Set 1: Intro To A Cell, Blacklight Sunflare, Comptroller, Umbilical Moonset, Evergreenary, Disappear In A Blood-Red Sky, Juggernaut

Set 2: Golden Ghost, Spiritualize, Plant Your Root, Mega Man 2 Dr. Whiley’s Theme, Suitcases, Dowrn, Wax

Encore: Marisol, Hammerstrike

  • Andrew

    Great show indeed. I was up front when they started the first set and I instantly knew it was going to be a great show (as always with Lotus). Wax was simply amazing. Highlight of the night.