RIP: Greg Giraldo Dead At 44

Revered stand-up comedian Greg Giraldo passed away last night at the age of 44. He died as a result of complications from an accidental overdose that occurred four days earlier.

Giraldo was known for his quick witty delivery and rhythmic ranting ability which proved to make him a highlight of nearly every Comedy Central Roast. Giraldo also recently acted as a judge on the 7th season of Last Comic Standing along with Andy Kindler and Natasha Leggero. Giraldo was also a staple on many comedy shows such as Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn, The Opie & Anthony Show, The Howard Stern Show, and Root Of All Evil.

What most people don’t know about Giraldo is that he was a Columbia University and Harvard Law School Graduate who worked at a prominent law firm before he changed careers and switched to stand-up comedy, and thank god he did.

With 2 Comedy Central Presents specials and 2 amazing comedy albums Greg Giraldo will be sorely missed in the comedy world by his colleagues and loyal fans.

Dear god,

You must not like fun and laughing—or you are just a total dick—because you keep taking the best comedians from us before their time.

In order to remedy this we are prepared to offer you Carrot Top, Kathy Griffin, Larry The Cable Guy, Lisa Lampanelli, Carlos Mencia, and Dane Cook if we can have Greg Giraldo and Mitch Hedberg back. Fair trade if you ask me… and anyone else who likes comedy.

Hot Like Sauce

P.S. You can pretty much have all the female comedians besides Nikki Glaser, Sarah Silverman, and Natasha Leggero.