HLS @ Summer Dance III: The Lotus Family Gathering

Though it is long over due I had such a great time I figured I’d still share the weekend with you.

Thursday August 26th, 2010

We arrived early to a nearly empty campground with our choice of where to set up for the weekend. After circling through and checking out all the campsites we settled for a nice corner spot with a rock-lined fire pit. We quickly got our tents, canopy, and hammock up to mark our territory as we knew the campground would begin to fill up quickly.

By the time we had some lunch and took a dip in the quarry we had some neighbors camped nearby from PA. We started up the bonfire and swapped stories with the neighbors while enjoying a few drinks and jams. Knowing that the real fun was still coming tomorrow Mad Mike and I turned in early for the night to rest up for the all out rager that was to come.

Friday August 27th, 2010

I awoke unbelievably comfortable on Friday with a cool breeze passing through the tent—very much unlike sleeping at All Good. Immediately upon exiting the tent it was apparent the campground was filling up very quickly. Most of the day Mad Mike and I just relaxed while waiting for more of our crew to arrive. Once they finally did we all headed to the quarry for a quick swim before the night’s festivities began.


Soon after returning from our swim we could hear Papadosio take the stage as “By The Light Of The Stars” floated through the woods to our campsite. We opted to stay at the campsite since the main stage was in earshot and enjoyed our dinner along with Papadosio’s live classics “Find Your Cloud,” “Cue,” and “Polygons.”

Set: By The Light Of The Stars, Find Your Cloud, Cue, Polygons, The Eyes Have Eyes


As we heard Papadosio finish their set we got everyone together to head to the stage for Lotus. As we made our way through the woods we heard the happy bubbling bass line of “Lucid Awakening” and everyone picked up the pace. We exited the woods to the beach just as Lotus jammed into “Behind Midwest Storefronts” and quickly made our way up into the crowd. The concert area was packed but surprisingly easy to navigate as we worked our way closer and closer to the stage. Things got funky while Lotus jammed out the old school “Sift” that you can check out below.

While the sun began to set Lotus pulled out their new live staple “Blacklight Sunflare” which instantly turned the entire beach into a party. After “Age of Inexperience” Lotus segued from “Plant Your Root” into an awesome “128” which rounded out their impressive first set.

After a short break Lotus kicked things back off with the classic “Juggernaut” as everyone slowly returned from the woods to the concert area. Instantly glow sticks and laser pointers were everywhere as everyone was dancing. Next they slowed things down with a much appreciated “Caywood” as people swayed side to side in unison while staff tossed out endless balloons to be batted around. As quickly as they slowed down they sped right back up with the dark “Tarasque” complete with samples giving it a unique hip-hop feel in between impressive guitar solos. Next was possibly the highlight of the night as they began one of my personal favorites, “Flower Sermon.” After switching tempo mid-song I was thrown for a loop until I heard the familiar notes of “It’s All Clear To Me Now.” The crowd was at it’s rowdiest all night as glowsticks, beach balls, and balloons flew in every direction as everyone grooved and cheered. As flawlessly as they jammed into it, “It’s All Clear To Me Now” gave way back to “Flower Sermon” to great applause from the crowd.

After an encore of the funky “Nri” the HLS crew returned to our campsite to start a bonfire and refuel after almost 3 straight hours of dancing and grooving. The large size of our campfire attracted not only neighbors but passersby as people looked for some warmth and light on their walk from campsite to campsite. As it grew later and later one by one people began to head back to their tent for some much needed rest while I sat and chatted with a neighbor. As the sun eventually began to rise we both agreed sleep was necessary and we’d continue tomorrow.

Set 1: Lucid Awakening, Behind Midwest Storefronts, Sift, Blacklight Sunflare, Age Of Inexperience, Plant Your Root, 128
Set 2: Juggernaut, Caywood, Tarasque, Flower Sermon -> It’s All Clear To Me Now -> Flower Sermon
Encore: Nri

Saturday August 28th, 2010

Able to sleep comfortably once again thanks to the shade and cooler weather I woke up around 1PM and got ready for a swim. The cleanliness of the quarry is refreshing enough to trick you into feeling like you showered which is just enough to get you through a dusty weekend at the quarry park.

After a few jumps from the ledges, swimming in the shallows, and spotting the freshwater jellyfish, we made out way back to the campsite to change and eat some early dinner. Soon after we finished we got word two more friends had made the short trip to the park and we squeezed their car in nearby.


As our friends settled in, EOTO took the stage and began to improvise some classic dub. The heavy bass from Michael Travis and the powerful drumming from Jason Hann, both from String Cheese Incident, easily made it through the trees to the campsite as we had few drinks in preparation for what we knew would be two great sets from Lotus.


As we began to hear Lotus we quickly filled a book bag with beverages and began the walk to the stage. Just as we heard the beginning to “Wooly Mammoth” we broke through the trees into the stage opening as many others were pouring in also. Next Lotus put things in high gear instantly as the building intro to “Spiritualize” was greeted by a roaring cheer. If that wasn’t enough to get people moving, the funky “Sid” was pulled out next. It’s infectious guitar and smooth bass had everyone moving as laser pointers swirled on the visualizer over the stage. Next Lotus played right into my personal favorite of “Wax,” which the crowd greeted with a raucous applause and flying glow sticks. It was during this song I immediately decided that regardless of what the second set consisted of, this was my favorite Lotus show I’ve seen.

After a short rest on the beach while listening to Alex B from Pnuma Trio we made our way back into the crowd as Lotus returned for a second set. As the sample for “Lead Pipe” rang out the crowd erupted and almost instantly swelled in size as people returned for the second set. Next came “Sunrain,” one I have been hoping for since I saw Lotus for the first time in 2008. Definitely another highpoint of the weekend as they played flawlessly from “Sunrain” to “Did Fatt” then back to “Sunrain” before busting out “Tip Of The Tongue” complete with an immense jam (see below) that finally gave way into “Sunrain” yet again.

After a couple more jams including “Dowrn” and “Bush Pilot” as well as some thanks to the fans, Lotus encored with yet another personal favorite, the ballad-esque “Invincibility Of Youth,” which you can check out below.

Set 1: Scrapple, Livingston Storm, Wooly Mammoth, Spiritualize, Molluskunk, Sid, Wax
Set 2: Comptroller, Lead Pipe, Sunrain, Did Fatt, Sunrain, Tip Of The Tongue, Sunrain, Dowrn
Encore: Bush Pilot, Invincibility Of Youth

  • MADMike

    EPIC WEEKEND! I’ll never forget our neighbors from this fest. Every time I asked them how they were doing I got the response “L.T.D Brother!!” which stands for “living the dream” lol