Have You Heard: Emily Wells

If you haven’t heard violinist Emily Wells prepare to fall in love. Haha—I’m just serious.

Emily Wells began playing the violin at the age of four and began self releasing cassettes at only thirteen. Her first true release, Beautiful Sleepyhead & the Laughing Yaks, wouldn’t come until 2007. This album would be heavily folk influenced and showcase her multi-instrument musical knack.

The following year she would go on to release The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties, which showcases her violin playing, looping, and sexy, captivating voice. Track after track is a perfect fusion of one part Classical, one part Down-Tempo, and two parts Hip-Hop. The deep bass complimented by the eerily mellow violins provides a perfect backing for her angelic crooning voice or smooth but quick delivery.

Her most recent work, Dirty EP, follows in the same vein as The Symphonies in not only musical style but overall awesomeness. The six track EP features three remixes from The Symphonies as well as a cover of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy”.

Her true talent can be witnessed during her live performances in which she performs songs solo through the use of looping. Check out this studio performance of “Symphony 1: In The Barrel Of A Gun” from The Symphonies: Dreams Memories & Parties below.

Marry me?

  • ringo

    I liked her better when she was called Andrew Bird.

  • dee
  • dee

    It sucks when the system doesn’t like the original so they create another person to play their work.

    I heard this 3 years ago with Cocorosie. Am i supposed to think its cooler cause one person does it.

    Will it be cooler when it only takes a computer to do it?

  • http://vi.sualize.us/e_powell Earnest Powell

    Emily’s got mad talent.

    Merely a “JSYK,” but her additional accolades include composing the score of—& appearing via cameo in—the short film “In The Spotlight”, the tagline of which is “A film noir fairy tale inspired by real events…Writers playing writers.”

    Moreover, she appeared/performed in the season 4 finale of the hit reality series “Project Runway”.

    But, y’know: wouldn’t want to interrupt anyone sloshing around sloppy mouthfuls of Haterade or anything…


  • not MADMIKE
  • Monty

    wow i was just thinking about this yesterday ( i stumbled upon her last year but couldnt remember her name) :)

  • http://www.thebangpop.com natalie

    I love her. My friend stumbled upon her a while back and I added her videos to my music blog. Quality! She is a mini Thom Yorke, looping and singing and looping some more. Beautiful. I don’t think you can really argue that she is mediocre. She is so incredibly skilled and has so many talents.

  • matt

    I hope she comes and whisks me away

  • Temperance

    She is really hot

  • Melissa

    Andrew bird…hes done the same thing through looping. But I feel that what he does is much more eclectic–using his violen as more than what it is.

  • naynay

    Some people like her, some people don’t. She’s all right in my opinion.

  • Chris

    That was interesting, but not that good. There are much better artists of this kind.

  • Jake

    She annoys me so much. I hate they way she forces her pronunciation when she sings. She sounds like a total retard, especially since she’s from Texas, so she has no excuse for trying to sound like she’s from Europe.



  • Liz

    This is a very uninteresting song.

  • Meno

    Am I the only one who thinks she’s mediocre? I mean, not bad, but not great. Her singing style and glissando-y bridge are overused, the beat is simple, and there’s little if any layering. I mean, for the majority of the song, all we got were a few layers of violin, one voice, and the beat. Would be way cooler if she used the violin loop for more than support harmony… And now for other commenters to call me a deuche/tasteless…

    • Citizen

      @ Meno – you’re a gigantic deuche/tasteless but at least unlike most deuche/tasteless’s I come across you put some thought into your argument

    • EvilBall

      Hey Meno, before you judge her style, listen to all her work. Specifically, Symphony One: In The Barrel Of A Gun.

  • Yasa

    i’d totally ask her out for coffee.

  • danny

    i saw this a while back. she’s pretty good. apparently very Coco Rosie influenced but much more polished. all the same i’d like to hear more.

  • John Smith

    Eh, Andrew bird’s a way better violinist looper, who’s also played since he was four. How ironic.

  • Cameron

    All of you are noobs. I’ve liked Emily Wells for around two and a half years. Also, if you think that she only loops, listen to Mt. Washington. Anyway, fuck all of you, she’s mine, has been for years.

    • http://www.hotlikesauce.com/author/steele/ Steele

      You are probably the coolest, hippest person ever… douche bag.

    • Cullen

      Really now? She’s yours? Because she probably doesn’t know you, or even want to associate with someone with your attitude. You’re a stuck up fuck with an attitude problem, kill yourself, make the world just a little bit better.

  • http://themusicbeginner.com/ Albert Reid

    I like her voice!!

  • matt

    wow the first thing i thought of was that this sounds perfect for the beginning of a bond movie.

  • Barthy

    I’m thankful I stumbled onto this page…My marriage sack is already prepared.

  • Meggs

    I am so glad I stumbled onto this page!

  • http://www.hotlikesauce.com/author/the-watcher/ The Watcher

    Another concept we all must ponder… absence of genre makes the art grow fonder.

    And she’s mine, I called dibs. Respect the Brode.

  • http://www.hotlikesauce.com/author/dr-propaganda/ Dr. Propaganda

    Mark my words Steele I will marry her first. Remember, what comes around is all around.

    • http://www.hotlikesauce.com/author/steele/ Steele

      Isn’t that “what’s all around comes around” Prop?