Have You Heard: Toubab Krewe, BoomBox, Pretty Lights, & Passafire

Toubab Krewe

toubabThis instrumental 5-piece band that was founded in 2005 hails from North Carolina and successfully blends the music of Mali (in west Africa) with the styles of American reggae and rock. Their instrument selection is what makes them unique. They have the standard bass and electric guitar accompanied by drums. However, they also incorporate a kora, which is a 21-string harp-lute. They use a soku which is a Malian horsehair fiddle which is nicely complimented by African percussion. Check out their first self-titled album and their newest release, Live at the Orange Peel.


boomboxThis American rock band founded in 2004 is comprised of a lead guitar/lyricist fused with a DJ on the turntables and sequencers. They have a very inimitable sound that is extremely gripping. Zion Godchaux, the lead singer and guitarist, got his musical talent from his mother who is a former member of  the Grateful Dead. So far, this duo has released two unbelievable albums in their six year run. The first, Visions of BackBeat, starts off with a progressive electronic song called “Stereo”. Check out that album as well as their 2009 release, Downriverelectric.

Pretty Lights

pretty_lightsThis electronic DJ is probably one of the most talented mix artists I have ever heard. Rivaling, if not surpassing popular artist Girl Talk, Pretty Lights combines many different cutting-edge party rock beats that will guarantee your head to move. All of Pretty Lights three albums since 2006 is free for download at his website. Plus, he inspired our website’s name. Check out “Hot Like Sauce,” a track off of his second album, Filling Up The City Skies.



Reggae listeners, listen up. Passafire is a four piece band consisting of members that hail from Maryland, Virginia and Indiana. They met at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003 where they started recording their first, self-titled album. Their second LP, Submersible, came out in 2007 and Passafire started to tour with big name bands such as Pepper and The Expendables. Both of these albums are worth a listen and you should check out Everyone on Everynight, their new album that dropped this year.

  • Rodrigo Bassini

    Passafire is a wonderful band, the best of reggae for me. Good invention about sounds!
    Positive vibration for us!


  • DingoDogg

    Everything dynamic and very positively! :)