Have You Heard: One Day As A Lion, Rebelution, John Brown’s Body, 10 Ft. Ganja Plant, & Iration

One Day As A Lion

Cover - OneDayAsALionEP Zack de la Rocha from Rage Against The Machine doing vocals/keyboards and Jon Theodore, formerly from the band The Mars Volta, on the drums. I would classify them as Alternative/Hip-Hop and those two are great at what they do. They have one EP out now, it is self-titled and contains five tracks. I would highly suggest giving it a try, from what I’ve heard so far it’s an innovative combination and worth a listen


BandPic - Rebelution1This four-piece, reggae/rock band comes from Santa Barbara, California. They have released two albums since 2004 which have both been filled with what makes anyone fall in love with reggae music. In my opinion, they have the perfect sound. Some of the simplest yet consistently complex guitar riffs, excellent vocals that are skillfully complemented by the bass guitar, drums and synthesizers/keyboard. Please listen to Courage To Grow, their first album and you’ll immediately share my enthusiasm (especially “Heart Like A Lion”, “Attention Span”, “Green to Black”, and “NightCrawler”). Then move on to their second great album, Bright Side Of Life.

John Brown’s Body / 10 Ft. Ganja Plant

BandPic - JohnBrownsBody1If you have ever heard of either one of these groups, then you have heard both of them. This is because some of these multi-talented members of both bands can substitute for each other. Another reggae artist, but this is my favorite so far. Check out the albums Bass Chalice, Hillside Airstrip, All Time, and Amplify. Both bands came out of upstate New York and Boston areas and got started in the late 90’s, JBB was five years before 10 Ft. got started. Together, they have 13 studio albums. Six of them coming from 10 Ft. Ganja Plant and seven from John Brown’s Body. They have a great sound.


Cover - NoTimeForRestThis is another reggae/rock band that has toured with Rebelution that has a very catchy sound. They are a six-piece band that comprises members all originally from Hawai’i. They have one full album out called No Time For Rest and a mini-album entitled Sample This. Both are excellent choices if you choose to look them up on MySpace music.